My Mission

My Aim is to bring information to all concerned to help differenciate between milk allergy and milk intolerance - or better known lactose intolerance. Moreover, it helps parents to avoid unneccessary pain for their babies if suffering from baby colic. Finally, my aim is to help millions of people diagnosed with IBS to establish themselves if they truely have IBS or simply lactose intolerant.

About Me

I am a Biomedical Scientist who has worked in various teaching University Hospitals in London, specialising in Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Immunology. Lewisham University Hospital, St Thomas and Guys Hospitals, University Hospital London, Great Ormons Street Hospital for Sick Children and King's College Hospital

My interest in this subject started when one of my daughters suffered severe food allergies. In the process I discovered I had lactose intolerance. At that time I was doing studies and projects at Westminster University London and that helped me understand how to help my daughter overcome her problem. What I learnt in two years, I am hoping you can do in just two months.

Mario Cassar MSc (WMin London) CSci FIBMS


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